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Beer and Kegged Cocktails ... at your speed!

a woman sitting on a table

We will have 36 ...yes 36 different taps of everything from our great brewed beer to our favorites around the country to even kegged cocktails.  We utilize the iPourIt self pour system.  This brings you flexibility to sample anything you want in the size you want.  Want to try 2 ounces of something got it.  Want to take home a 36 ounce can crowler to enjoy at home ... you got it.  We will go deeper into the way our system works as we get closer to opening but here are the basics:

1. When you are at your table your server will get you started.


You will be issued an RFID card upon checking your ID. Your card will run a tab by pre-authorizing a credit card with our staff member or you can pre-load a dollar amount like a gift card is used.

2.  Grab a glass or flight wash and get ready for beer.

We have flight boards, flight glasses and/or Pint glasses ready for you to grab.  We have washed and sanitized them all.  Once you have picked your glass you need to place it and push down on the glass rinser on the rail.  This rinse is recommended to make sure you get the best tasting glass and pour.

3. We will have a beer map on your table to give you a better idea where you want to go.


Once the RFID card is placed against the reader by the desired tap(s), the system recognizes the card and grants access. You will see your available funds on the main display as well as a real-time drink meter that goes down as you pour.

4. Welcome to the team!  You are your own bartender.


You will enjoy the freedom to responsibly sample and refill at your leisure.  Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you have the time of your life at Stein Brewing Company.